Handstands and Yoga

Chris Salvato, the co-founder of Eat Move Improve, just finished an article on getting your first handstand as a yogi.

It’s filled with personal experience and practical advice for understanding how most yogis can improve their handstand training to finally get their first freestanding handstand.

Read on here: http://www.chrissalvato.com/2013/08/handstands-and-yoga/

About the Author

Chris Salvato Chris is a bodyweight fitness expert who has taught APEX Movement Parkour Classes in Colorado Springs, authored The 15-Second Handstand: A Beginner's Guide, assisted with the writing of Overcoming Gravity and helped thousands of trainees, traceurs, travelers and vagabonds learn how to use fitness techniques and psychology to their advantage. In his free time, he likes being on rings or his hands.