New Update: Overcoming Gravity 2 release updates

Previous update 1

Previous update 2 includes the updated chapter list.

Update points

  1. The chapter list is staying the same from the previous post.
  2. I estimate the “new” material is approximately 100-150 pages worth of writing confirmed. There is 164,000 words in the first edition, and there are about 250,000 words in the second edition which is an increase of about 50%. Part of this is being more detailed in my explanations for beginners, another part is taking out large chunks of the injuries section and replacing it with more content on training, and decent size chunk is included scapular positions of exercises and more details added.
  3. Despite this, OG has only increased from about 540 pages to 580-600 pages pre-editing and formatting due to utilizing page space better.
  4. The book will stay as 1 book, and will not be split into two.

Details about release

The stuff you’ve all been waiting for!

  1. As of current I have written 99.9% of the material that will go into the book, so it’s for the most part out of my hands to the release date.
  2. It is currently off to the editor and book formatter. Thus, please stop bugging me about answers about when it will be released since I don’t know. It depends on when it gets finished AND looks AND reads like a quality product.
  3. The tentative timeline release date that my editor and formatter know is Black Friday November 2015. However, as editing, formatting, and finalization of the proofs and publication process may take longer, I would estimate the release date window to be November 2015 to January 2016 at the latest. I cannot 100% guarantee that as the latest date since a lot of it is out of my hands still, but I am 99.99% sure it will before February 2016.
  4. This release will be solely Amazon book at first. I do not know when an e-book version will be ready to buy as the focus is 100% into getting the book ready to be published.
  5. The price will remain the same. For those that buy a physical copy and want a digital edition later it will be much cheaper. I’ll figure out that with you all when the time comes.

Any other details I may have miss that you have questions about can be addressed to me in the comments, and I will try to address them as best as possible.

E-mail list

You can sign up for the exact release date of OG2 the minute I finalize it to Amazon on the EMI website. Updates here, on facebook, and EMI will likely lag behind the e-mail list as that will be my primary method of disseminating them as it’s easier than putting multiple updates at once.

The signup link is on the right hand sidebar in the upper corner. If you are having trouble finding it, I have highlighted it in this image.